2 Main Disadvantages to Solar Energy

Solar Energy

) Solar Energy Is Not Always Available. The Sun Only Shines During The Day, And Even Then, It Might Be Obscured By Clouds. This Means That Solar Energy Can’T Be Used At Night Or During Power Outages.


2) Solar energy is not always reliable. Solar panels only work when the sun is shining, which means that they won’t produce any energy on cloudy days or during power outages.

3) Solar energy is not always affordable. Solar panels can be expensive to install, and the price of solar energy can fluctuate depending on the market.

4) Solar energy is not always environmentally friendly. Solar panels can produce harmful emissions, and the manufacturing of solar panels can be harmful to the environment.

5) Solar energy is not always safe. Solar panels can be a fire hazard, and the electricity produced by solar panels can be dangerous.

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